Thursday, 26 May 2016

Netball Skills

Today on a very sunny day, we had another Netball Session with our coach Anne. The first game that we played was called Shadow follower, my partner was Mateaki. The aim of the game is that you have to follow your partner until you tag him then when you tag him you have to follow him as he moves his hands around.  After that we were all engaged and warmed up for our next activity.

The Next game was called Four Corner Attack, we had 5 team members and and one Defender. The defender had to block the attacker from getting the ball then when he gets the ball we swap over until time was up, the people in my team were Levi, Jayden, Mateaki, Chris, Levi R and Mafoa.

Finally the last game that we played was a shooting game. How we play this game is that we have a number and two teams when you get called you have to run and get the ball then pass to everyone in your team then you have two shoot, when you shoot and get the first shot in then you get two points but if you miss then you have to shot again for one point then you go back to the line and what for a number. At the end I felt very happy that we learnt a lot of new skills.

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Netball Session

Today My class and I went to the courts to our second Netball Session with our coach Anne. When we got there she had a lot of activities the first activity that we did was called high and low, how we play this game is that we have a partner then we ran to each other and if the coach says high then we jump and slap each other then turn at the same time.

Next we played a relay we had to chest pass to each other in a line then pivot, we had four balls and had to bet three other teams. So we played and the middle team won the first round then the left line won the next, then the middle team again won the last round.

Finally we played a game called Rugby Netball we had two teams and we had to do a line out and whoever got the ball had the ball had to pass it down to the end then score by doing a touchdown.

I felt very Happy that we learnt skills today.Preview YouTube video Netball SkillsNetball Skills

Monday, 23 May 2016

Sweet Fractions

Today My Group and I did a very cool Math Lesson with our teacher and here is our W.A.L.T: We are learning to identify equivalent fractions.

The main thing that I learnt is that equivalent  fractions are very different to normal fractions so it was kind of hard for me to work out the problems.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Weka - Wildlife detectives

Today in our Weka reading group we had another Reciprocal reading session again.
We are reading the same book called Wildlife Detective. Here is my summary of what I learnt.

My Summary of what we learnt is that crime investigators are now stopping the people that kill the animals and they protect them now. I also learnt that the bad people poisoned the food that elephants eat so after they eat they die. The next thing I learnt is that they use elephant tusks to make nickless.

Weka - Wildlife detectives

Today in our Weka reading group we had another Reciprocal reading session again.
We are reading the same book called Wildlife Detective. Here is a summary of what we did.

Summary of what we discussed today

My summary is the scientists they use the animal's DNA to find out what animal is it and how old their mud and dad was.

My other Summary is that they use mud that the car's rolled on to find out what car the people used to find and kill the animal.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Weka - Wildlife detectives

Today Reciprocal reading was cool because we discussed and read a new book and it was called Wildlife Detectives, this is my Summary.

First Summary for page 1: My Summary is that the people in the crime lab burn elephants tusks so that people can not steal and sell.

Second Summary for page 2: My summary is that in the crime scene they look for the summary  then they send it to the crime lab to investigate.  

Monday, 16 May 2016

Sharing lollies Maths problem

Sharing Lollies
           We are learning to identify equivalent fractions

Maara and her three friends are going to share a licorice lace. If the lace is 12cm long, what length of the lace will each friend get? What fraction will they get?
They get 3cm of the lace each
4X3=12, 3/12

2 other friends approach Maara and would like some of the lace too. How can they split the lace (which has already been cut into quarters) between 6 people equally.

What would happen if yet another two friends wanted a share?
They will have to cut their quarters again.

How many cm of the lace would they recieve?
They will get 2cm of the lace each.
The fraction is 2/12

Friday, 13 May 2016

Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions!
We are learning to add and subtract fractions with like and unlike denominators.

Levi has ¾ of a bag of lollies. If he is given another 3/12 of a bag, what fraction of a bag will he have? 1 Whole

If there were 32 lollies in the whole bag, how many lollies does
32 lollies

Bob has a 3 3/4 metre of length of wood. He cuts off 2 1/3 metres.
What length of wood is left?
1/4,1/3 - 1/12
3/4 in 1/12 =9/12

3 9/12 -
2 4/12 =
1 5/12

Narrative about the Glen Innes shopping centre

My stomach was making noises and the hunger was starting to affect my mood. As I drove past each shop my eyes scanned for any sign of cooked food. Then, I saw the Kebab 79 shop and I almost halted the car in the middle of the road. I collected my thoughts and pulled into a carpark safely. I then locked the car and sped walked to the Kebab 79 shop.

The shop has its menu brightly displayed on the walls. The smell of cooked meat was like being in heaven. Deciding on what to order was making me more frustrated because there were so many choices. On the board of choices there were yummy chips with delicious burgers, and so I got the best meal and it was chips, a delicious burger and a drink on the side.

When my order was ready I went and sat at a table. First I ate all my chips and then ate the burger. Then after I went back to my car then started it up and drank my whole drink. After I went back home with a delighted body and mind.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Bush Walk Experience

Bush Walk Experience

Mafoa: Yesterday we went on an inspirational trip to Arataki to learn about our native forest.We learnt a lot of facts about our native bushes and trees. We got split into two groups I was in Mrs tafas group. One tree that sticked in my mind was the rimu tree.

Moses:The rimu tree is a very interesting tree. The leaf can become like a human comb. You can comb your hair with the spikes on the leaf. The kauri tree is the biggest tree in NZ. Tane Mahuta is  one of the oldest trees in NZ. It’s more than 2000 years old.Sadly a fire occurred and Tane Mahuta (Bigger version of tane mahuta) got burnt down. Another plant that caught my eye was Horika. The Horika tree was my favourite tree because it is very intelligent. Its most dangerous predator was the Moa.

Alfred:The horika made its plant spiky on the sides so it will be hard to eat. Then it transformed/changed into a juicy and tall plant just to be cheeky to all of the predators. That’s what made it my favourite.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Math problem

WE ARE LEARNING TO find fractions of whole and fixed numbers

Today we are participating in a real life problem. Our group will need to work out how to find the fraction of whole and mixed numbers in order to keep everyone happy...

Yesterday we were left with 6 chocolate bars split between 13 children. How much chocolate would each child now receive?

Miss stone doesn't feel like chocolate today. How much chocolate would each child receive if their are seven chocolate bars.

There were supposed to be 14 children in our group, how much chocolate would each child receive if there were 7 chocolate bars.

Today we learnt a really cool problem and we learnt that the problem is always the same answer.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Science experiment about a potatoe

Today my class and I are doing a Science experiment on a potato.

My hypothesis
I think the potato will grow but towards the light.

Put a potato in a box with a small hole in it
Put another potato in a normal environment out in the light

We will check on our potatoes every month because it takes a while for potato plants to grow.

My Holiday recount

On the first day of the holidays, my family and I first went to the hospital in the city. When we got there, it was me and my brothers’ challenge to get all the hand sanitizers in the ward. The person that we were going to visit was our church leader. He has a very bad sickness.

Secondly, on the second day I woke up and went to the front where our PlayStation is. I went and turned on the T.V and started playing until the rest of my family woke up. The game that I was playing is called Black ops 2 it is a shooting game.

Three days later, I went with my mum to work for the first time ever and it was so cool. She works in a courier company called P.B.T they deliver boxes and packages all over North Shore. It was very exhausting but it was fun at the same time. On the job there are four cycles, the first cycle is a delivering cycle, then the second and third cycle is a pickup one.

A week later on Saturday my family went to watch a movie called the Jungle Book. It is about one little kid who was lost in the jungle and only animals were allowed in the special place so they tried to kill him. However, there were some animals who didn't want to kill him,  so they protected him with their lives.


Mrs Gren