Thursday, 31 March 2016

Ripper rugby Session

Today, the 31st of March my class and I went up to the field for another cool and fun session with our ripper rugby coach Matt.

First we played a warm up game of Ripper rush, how you play the game is that you just get tagged until everyone is out then the last person is the winner, Hemi was the winner.

Second we played passes in 4 lines then we passed two lines at a time to make it confusing but what we were supposed to learn is how to concentrate on your own line and stop dropping the ball. Next we played a game of 3 on 5 ripper rugby, the people with five players in their team had to score using the things they learnt from passing the ball which is concentrating on there line and passing on time.

Finally We finished and I learnt to pass the ball properly, putting your hands up, timing, running on time and focus on the ball and your line.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Sketch of Auckland

WALT - draw and add detail to make it look 3D

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Ripper rugby recount

Today, On the 15th of March my class and I went to the field to learn Ripper Rugby skills .The name of the coach was Matt and he was from the Varsity Rugby club.

First we played a warm up game called ball tag. The aim of the game is that you have three taggers and they have to tag lots of people with a ball. If you got tagged you would have to get down and do 1 Sit up, then on the second round you would have to do 1 push up, finally on the last round you had to sit out till the last person was tagged.

Next we played a passing game, we had three lines and we had to pass the ball in a line till we get to the other cones, so we did it and we learnt that we have to talk to each other when we pass. We also learnt to put our hands up and pass at the right time.

Image result for rippa rugbyImage result for rippa rugby
. Finally we played a game that was like bull-rush, the only different thing was that we had two tags and a flag belt. So we started the first tagger was Taki, taki tagged Levi then they got more and more people in. The last three people were Sam, Alfred and Miami but the winner was Miami. The first session was so cool and fun I learnt that when you pass you must always look at the person and point you hands to him/her in order to get it straight to him.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Animated Story

Animated Story

Today My class and I have been learning about Animation So just click on this link and find out what we have been doing.