Friday, 9 May 2014


 ON Thursday 8 of may 2014 Room7 students went to Room1 to learn about their presentation and when we got there we went inside and sat on the ground and the presenters were Wiliami,Anita,Richie and Mrs Greenham she was taking then after she finished then we got a sheet and a pencil so we can right stuff.

When the bell rang and we went to room 4 and we went  sat on the ground and the presenter was Mele and she had a good presentation because she was the only one that was presenting so when the bell rang again and we went to room 5 and that one was the best one because they had lollies and activity and we got to do it then a the bell rand again.And we went to room 10 we went and sat on the chairs and the presenters were Anthony,Ilalio,Siosefa,Eseki there had a bad presentation.