Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Science Intensive

Today for the first block we were in Mrs Moopanars class for our last Science Intensive lesson, our lesson was based on magnets and what we did was that we had to do was to make a pyramid and in the middle we had to put in a magnet. After we had made it all we did was played with it. Then it was Morning tea time.

After morning tea we played with our cut out objects that had pins in it. Then we used a large magnet and a paper to put on top of it, So that when we move the magnet around so doses the object. After we did all of that we blogged about it. After we blogged we play a game until we had to leave.

Tennis Lesson

Today in the morning my class and I went to the hall for our next Tennis Lesson, for our tennis lesson like last we week we had to have a team, the first step that we had to do was practice our volley up close to the net.

So as we were practicing we moved on to a competition with our team, and what we had to do was that there was a champ and there was an opponent how to get points was by using the skill of volley to get 2 points, and by getting one point is by getting a normal hit.

After that we had to come in and pack-up because the other class was coming in for there lesson. What I learnt better was how to hit a volley to score more points.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Light session with Miss Kay

Today we had a session with our teacher Miss Kay. Our lesson was based on light and what we did first was that there were three stations. The first station was lasers and mirrors, the second one was with  4 papers stuck to the wall and i tiny silver ball that we had to shine on the paper with a flashlight, the last one was the we had a magnifying glass with a paper to shine the light on.

Next we moved on to reading a booklet about light, then we watch a movie about rainbows. After that we watch a movie call the magic school bus. After watching some of it, it was lunchtime so we packed up everything and went back to class.

After a fun break we went back to Miss K’s class to finish the off the day, what we did for the last block was to write a blog post or an information report about what we learnt throughout the day, after the clock struck 2:30 it was time to pack up and head back to class.

It was really awesome today and I learnt lots of cool and new info from today.

Here is a link of to one of the things that we did today and a video that we watched.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Financial literacy #4 and Last sesson

Today we had our 4 and last lesson with Hannah and Kelsey our Financial literacy Teachers, it was very fun because we did lots of exercises with them also some skits to act out. Today's lesson was based on Risks in our lives. So first we talked a little bit about Insurance and also different kinds of Insurances. So after that talk we had to split into groups and each group had a Insurance to cover, our one was Life Insurance. So we had a piece of paper to write down what does that Insurance help you.After that we had to go in front of the class and say all the things that was on your paper. Soon after all the groups said what was on there paper we all moved on to a fill in sheet, the sheet was about the types of Insurances BTW. Next we cheeked it then moved on to the next and last fill in sheet. But we had to take it home to show to our parents. After that they went back to there places. I learnt heaps of new things about Financial literacy all thanks to Hannah and Kelsey. PEACE!! #Financial literacy  

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Financial Literacy #2

Today we had a lesson on Financial Literacy because we had to learn how to save and spend your money wisely. First they started talking with us then we got a worksheet to look at and complete, after we finished we got a bigger paper to write down what to spend and what to get money off.

Next we had to get one item to save up for. Then planed it. 5 minutes later we shared it with the whole class then we packed that away and moved on to talking about all the things that we did for the past 10 minutes. After that they went to the next class.
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Tennis Lesson #2

Today we had our second Tennis Lesson with our coach called Campbell. First we started off by practising in groups of four and the people in my team was Mateaki, Me, Mata, Fusi, Moses, Sam and Chris. So we played each other until we played this new game called Table Tennis doubles, the way we play is that after one of as serve your teammate has to hit the ball, the way you get out is by hitting the ball twice in a row.

After A long game of that we had to pack away all the equipment and wait for the next class to come in.  Image result for Tennis

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Financial literacy #3

Today we had our third Financial literacy lesson and the lesson was about being safer with your ids and our things such as Birth Certificate, Passport and your drivers license. Next we had a work sheet to fill out, after we marked it and I got all of them right so as lots if my other classmates.

After that we had three people to act a skit out about identity theft, my partners were Angelica and Mateaki, our skit was set in the NZ Airport. Later on after most of the groups acted there skit we moved on to the last activity which was writing down information about your self like your Name, DOB, Height, Wight, Hair color, Eye color and much more.

After we filled it in our session finished for the day, it was very fun and I learnt a lot about identity thief. I hope the last one will be great to.

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Kiwi Can Lesson

Today we had another kiwi can lesson with Mr Numia as Miss Tuia wasn't here today. For the energiser we played a game called Shape shifter, what we did was had two team and had to make a shape out of the team without letting go of the next persons hand.

Next we talked about our topic problem solving, Later on we had the activity and for the activity we played was called Untangle Me. What we had to do was have one team and we had to stand in a circle, then we had to untangle our self and the first team to be untangled will win.

After that we did our points, we got 23 points then we went back to class.

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