Saturday, 30 January 2016

Trip To Parakai Springs

On Saturday the 9 of January my family and I went to Parakai Springs because it was a very hot day and so we had packed our bags and we all got in the car and drove off to Parakai Springs.

Firstly, When we had got there, we took out all our bags and went into pay our money to get in. So after we had paid we took all our bags to a place where we could sit then we went to get change then get into the pools but there were two slides so had decided to go to the Slides first because it was full of people in the pool. We went to the top to have a slide but instead of having a slide we made a very big train so we could block the water and the reason why is so that we could go really fast as we go down.

Later on after we had came back to where we put all our bags because it was time to eat, after we had eaten we went for one last slide because it was nearly time to go home.

Finally after we had came down the slide we went back to where we were sitting down because we were going very shortly, so a few minutes later we had got our bags and started walking to the changing room.

Soon after we had got changed all of the kids had a race all the way back to the car, after we had raced to the car we got into the car and went straight for the road.

I really enjoyed our trip on the day and hopefully my family and I will go back there someday.

Here are some pictures: