Friday, 31 July 2015

What we did in Maori language week

This week was Maori Language Week. In Maori  language week we have been learning new words. These are some of the words I read from the School Journal.

Maori words:
1. Wharenui
2. Tekoteko
3. Marae
4. Aotearoa
5. Te manako
6. waka
1.Meeting House
2. Gabel
3. Meeting room for Maori
4. The land of the long white cloud
5. Charm

By Alfred

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My Funny Story about animals in the story

My Funny Story

Once upon a time there lived some jumping elephants,they lived in the jungle that seriously smelt.All of the living animals, blew balloons especially the baboons.

A year later a girl named Alyson was walking through the jungle and she saw an elephant jumping,twirling and doing the Tango dance.

Then there was an alligator named Poodle who was dancing to the Whipa Nae Nae song.  
There was an animal named Banjo and He was saying “Hahaha” you can’t dance, i’m more better then you.Then poodle said ohhh do you want to have a competition who is better at dancing and Banjo said alright let’s go.

When Banjo was walking with poodle he tripped over a yellow ball, he picked it up and it was a lemon.

Poodle and Banjo went to the dance floor.
Later on Poodle was tired but Banjo wasn’t and Banjo was saying HAHA i’m the best at dancing and Poodle said I don’t mind because we still have time to have a break.

Finally Poodle and Banjo became friends again.

By Alfred

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

My Mothers Cloak

As an infant
I felt guarded
in my mothers cloak
It must have looked funny
Big black eyes
Emerging from its folds
As if that was all there was
to me

I remember
Its rare threads
Amazing and booish
Their lightness
repudiate their clout
Its tivaevae-like Switchs
of slim fabric
An active shield
against sour winters
The colours loud
Yelling for mind
and space

My mother always wore
that Cloak with delight
by its Brightness effect
outlining her out
in a Papaa circle
But combining  beautifully
at every Market

I remember too
With childlike disdain
Discarding my mothers Cloak
Not for me
The no cool designs
extravagant colouring
and awkward fit

She wears it still
Her brooch of pride
sparkling and bright
And not long ago
I tried it on
after many years
Although its not really me
Its because of her
I can sew

on my own

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Family Activity during the holiday

ON the first week of the holiday on Friday Me and my family and some of my dads friends went to a basketball court to play some basketball. Then Once Everybody came we started to play and my brother got the ball and then he went close to the hop and then he shot the ball in to the air and got the first basket then we where in the lead. We got some far shots in and one of us did a slam dunk then when we had a break we ate lunch at KFC then we went back to the basketball court to play another half.

When it was finish we had water and the winning team was my team and I got 2 Baskets in It was a great time and It was really cool and I hope to go back next holiday.