Monday, 30 March 2015

Bio poem on Edward Jenner

WALT:We are learning to write a bio poem.

March 30th 2015 Monday

Name:Edward Jenner.

Father of Immunology.

Life saver and likes science.

Fears of small pox and disease.

Lived in London.

He cured people from small pox.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Bio Poems

WALT: We are learning to Write Poems - Bio Poems


Funny ,strong ,smart, good friend.

Son of a strong and lovely mother.

Likes to play with his friends and have fun.

Happy, serious sports player, angry when people interrupt a game

Fears tarantulas and crocodiles.

Always completes his work before tea break

Always wants a better life.

He was born in New Zealand. Last name is Wellington.   

By Alfred

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Monday, 16 March 2015

The Big Game

Friday 13th March 2015

WALT:Use Inferencing strategy to find answers to questions based on WALT text.

The Big Game

The game that Karla played, it wasn't very famous because no one knew what was going on so, mum decided to take them to watch a rugby game at the park.

When they arrived a bus came when they stepped out. The people that came out were the town rugby players they were so excited to see them. The rugby players then walked to the changing room.

They (the family) went to sit in the front row. When the game started the two rugby teams came onto the field and Karla and Mum went to their seat. When Shane did his big run everybody cheered really loudly. Next, Shane was going to do a conversion, when Shane kicked the ball into the post’s, Mum and Karla shouted louder than any one.

When Shane did his big run everybody cheered loudly. Next, Shane was going to do a conversion, when Shane kicked the ball into the post’s, Mum and Karla shouted louder than any one did in the game.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Trip to Butter fly creek


Trip to Butterfly Creek

WALT: I am learning to write a Recount

On Monday 9th of March 2015 the senior Glenbrae school students from rooms 9 & 10 went on a trip to Butterfly Creek by bus. We went to the Butterfly Creek to look at the beautiful butterfly and to learn about the dinosaurs.

A guide took us into a room , then Paul came and talked to us about Dinosaur fossils. First he showed us a dinosaur tooth and it came from a Spinosaur. Paul also showed the shark’s teeth for us to know that the dinosaurs teeth is longer than the shark’s teeth.

Then after Paul finished talking we went to the aquarioum where we saw Nemo and his friends inside their tank.

Next we went to the Butterfly room it was very hot in there because the temperature was so high but it was very nice when a Butterfly landed on my ear.

Then we went to see the Crocodiles and their names are Scar and Gold but we only stayed there for a short time because we had to see the spiders.

After we went back to where we came in through to have our lunch. The last place that we were going to go to was the dinosaur kingdom. There we saw robotic dinosaurs, they were loud and we took pitures of us in a dinosaur’s egg.

The trip was very exciting because it was my first time experience with everything there. I felt very good because I and my friends liked the place very much.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Kaitiaki of the stream

In Kaitiaki There is a stream and it is called The Mangapouri stream it was a very healthy stream because it has fresh water and lots of food to eat in there and they also live there and insects and plants that live on the bank of the stream.

In Autumn the people that lives close to the stream they come with boxes and in the boxes their are corn in it they come and put it into the stream so it can stay cold during the night and so it can still be fresh to eat some time later.

In 2015 it is not as healthy as it use to be because one day it was a bad rainy day because the rain water that was on the road got into the drain and the rain went all the way into the stream and it had dirty water came with it,then all the bushes that was next to the bank all came falling down and it also stopped the soil from getting into the water.

It is so sad that it is like that but in the future I will try to make that stream as healthy as it was before.

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