Friday, 21 October 2016

Abstract Painting

My Artist: Morris Louis
Born: November 28, 1912 - Baltimore, Maryland
Died: September 7, 1962 -Washington

What did he do:
Morris Louis became one of the leading figures of Color Field painting, along with his contemporaries Kenneth Noland and Helen Frankenthaler. In his short yet prolific career, most of which he spent in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., Louis continually experimented with method and medium, manipulating large canvases in creative ways to control the flow and stain of his acrylic paints. His mature style, characterised by layered veils and rivulets of poured acrylic paint on untreated canvases, makes his paintings some of the most iconic works of Color Field painting.

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This was 2 of his painting that he drawed.
This is what he called Veil Paintings of his own.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Birthday Party

As it was heading on to 9:00pm the party was just about to begin. The funny thing was  that I didn't know it was my birthday. I was so surprised that when I got there and came in,  they came so fast at me with the biggest surprise that I could ever hear in my life.

After that everyone sang the happy birthday song, it was very special and I knew that I was never going to forget the moment. Soon after they had finished, they brought out a massive cake just so I could blow the candles out. After that it was time to wait for a few minutes so that the mothers could finish preparing the food for people to eat.

Next after everyone finished we waited until desert, so in the meantime we had to just play on the family’s PS4, the game that we were playing was called Black Ops 3(BO3), it was a game of shooting and violence, but it was very fun and challenging at the same time.

Finally after the mum’s had finished preparing the dessert they brought it out to the middle of the table for everyone to come and grab a refreshment. Shortly after everyone had one or two it was time to give the birthday boy there presents, the presents that I got was very interesting and fun at the same time.

As soon as it was coming to the end of the party we all came and sat down for the last remarks. Firstly we had to do a little prayer before everyone had to sadly leave. As we were packing up our aunty siad if we wanted to finish off the night by watching a movie

Friday, 14 October 2016

Tech Reflection

Today we had our first Tech session for this term, our class is called Mr Grundys workshop,In his workshop their are dangerous tools and also we craft wood and make metal necklace, for our family. I'm up to crafting the wood into the shape that I want, we use a cutter to make the shape, then we put soft metal into the shape to make it. The goal that we are trying to achieve is to make it before we finish our time there.

When I was just about to get onto the cutter It was time to go back to school, it was was sad but I knew that there was another week to go back to Tamaki College.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Profile of Brian

Kiwi Can

Today we had our first Kiwi can lesson for this term. First, we played four Corners but it was different we had four corners with cones that had a word on it, the words that were on it was Integrity, Truth, Honesty and Caring. There were a caller and two people tagging the rest, the winner of the game was Levi G.

When we got back to room 11 we had a talk about values and what are our values, after that we had our activity and it was called role plays, what we did was that we were split into 5 groups and had to act out our word, our word was courage.

Later on, after we had finished we had a short round of GKQ, then we had to head back to class.