Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Maths Problem

Today My group and I have been wanting to know how to double and half our question so here is the question.



this is what we did

we halved 22 and it was 11

Doubled 6 and it was 12

And so that’s how we double and half it.

IMG_2659.JPGThis is 132 Ice cream sticks

Here are some pictures:



Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Herbarium Card

Common Name of Plant: Mint plant
Scientific Name: Mentha
Location: Glenbrae school
Identified by: Alfred
Date Identified: 16/02/15
Description of plant:
The mint tree smells like toothpaste and mint and it looks like this.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Christchurch Earthquake

On Sunday 14 Feb a 5.7 magnitude quake struck a cliff right next to a house and the good thing was, is that the earthquake did not hurt or kill anyone.


  • It happened on Sunday 14 Feb 2016
  • No one died
  • It was a 5.7 earthquake
  • It struck a Cliff
  • It happened in Christchurch
The quake left just a few metres of land remaining between one house and the edge of the cliff.

What do you need to do if a earthquake happens:

Image result for drop cover hold

Image result for drop cover hold


Friday, 12 February 2016

My Pepeha

KO Maungarei Te Maunga
KO Tamaki Te Awa
KO Waitemata Te Moana
KO Air NZ Te waka
KO Sataua Samoa Te iwi
KO Tamaki Makoto Ahau
Engari No Samoa Oku Tipuna
KO Lance Toku Papa
KO Esther Toku Mama
KO Jamie Toku Whaea
KO Alfred Toku Ingoa

The Extreme Sports

“Let’s play cricket exclaimed Marcus. My friends and I were camping in the forest with our families and were desperately trying to find something fun to play with because we accidentally left our Cricket set at home, and so later Sofia picked up a stick and she was ready to play when.... “BAM” Instead of hitting the rock with the stick the rock went flying straight to my eye like a media hitting Earth.

I screamed as I was running towards the campsite where my mom was.
“Owl ! Owl ! Owl” I shouted. I could feel my eye beginning to swell like an Inflated Balloon. My Mom quickly ran to the cooler for some ice, she placed it on my eye to stop the swelling. It was freezing. I thought. I wasn’t sure which felt worse, the ice or my eye?

Soon my eye began to feel better and I decided to go see what my friends were up to. Marcus asked. What should we play now, well in my mind I was hoping that it wouldn't involve rocks or sticks but luckily before Marcus was going to say something I Quickly said hide and seek so we all decide that it would be hide and seek so of we went hiding.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Who am I (Letter)

Dear Mrs Tofa and Miss Stone

Talofa lava Mrs Tofa and Miss Stone my name is Alfred and I’d like to share a little bit about me so here I go. I was born in Australia March the 19th 2005 and I also have three other siblings but my older brother was born before me and so I guess I'm the second born child.

Ok so here’s what I think a good day at school’s meant to be like. At school I like it when all of us complete our work and when we listen to all of our teachers. I also think a good day at school is when we all do the right things when we go out to lunch and lastly when we are all respectful and that's how I think a good day at schools meant to be.

Now I am going to move on to my likes or dislike depends on what you decide to read first. So where was I oh yeah I was going to talk about my dislikes and likes. Firstly my likes, I like watching movies. Probably my favorite movie would be action movies, another like would be I like to go out places with my family but to be honest my brother hates going out with us. Ok now my dislikes I really hate washing dishes or cleaning and one of my worst dislikes is cleaning my room ok I think that’s enough.

At home I really enjoy coming home every day and seeing my dad and also I like watching a lot of T.V  and love going to the pool when it's really hot.

I think it is coming to the end of my letter and I really hope I fit into my new class. webcam-toy-photo1.jpg

Yours sincerely