Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Guided Inquiy

On Thursday 8 of May 2014, Room 7 students joined our school to view the inquiry presentations of classes around the school.

Our first class to visit was Room 1. Mrs Greenham and her class presented their art work of bird sketches and we also had a worksheet to complete. It was a good chance to find out about the learning of Room 1. When the bell rang we had to move to the next room which was Mrs Ripata’s room.

Mrs Ripata and her students created a power point for us to watch and read. It was about the native plants of New Zealand. The next room we visited was Mrs Kumar’s room and she kept us busy by making us do a obstacle course, making bugs using lollies and also doing an online quiz. The lolly part was fun because we got to eat our bugs.

In the senior block, we went to room 10 first and they taught us about first aid and what to do when we are going camping. I learnt we must tell someone where we are going and how long we will go for.

The inquiry presentations were fun but ours was good too because we had our own camping tents inside the classroom.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

In the weekend it was Labour weekend so on Friday after school we stayed at home and we cleaned our house then at night our cousin came to our house and we watched a movie called Hercules and it was a funny movie then we watched a movie called Escape plan and it was a nice movie because they like going to jail but they can escape so easy.

On Saturday in the morning, we went to our church and we cleaned up the church with other people from our church and we used a vacuum,sprays,machetes to cut the long grass next to the church then when we finished our bishop called a truck and the truck had a big rubbish collector and we put all the long grass in to it.It went and took it to the place where they put all the grass.

On Sunday in the morning we woke up and we got ready for church. We wear black pants for the men and the boys and we were a white long sleeved shirt and we were black shoes but for the girl the could wear anything.When we went in to the church we went and we sat on a long chair the the bishop went up and he talked to us in Samoan language then when we finished we went to our classrooms and my teacher’s name is Sister Fatupaito and she teaches us every Sunday and her husband is the bishop.

On Monday in the morning and we got ready to go to the beach and also we went fishing. When we got in the car we were very happy because this was our first time going fishing and when we got there we saw our cousin and they were the ones who brought the fishing lines but we had to wait because my dad went to get some bait then when he came back we went to where people were fishing the we set up the fishing lines and we but on the bait then my dad throw the line and then we waited until we caught a fish but we court nothing so we went back because the tide was going out so we went to get lunch then we went home but is was very nice going to the beach.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Hansel and gartel

Once upon a time there was a very bad witch that steals little kids.There were three little kids that went to the shop.

Last night  the witch was there too, she was waiting for a little kid so she could get them.Then she saw three little kids. They went in  the shop and  then they came back out.When they were walking back to their house the witch was following them.She almost caught them but they got home in time.

The next day the witch went to the house and she was waiting for the little kids that she saw.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


ON Wedensday the 12 of march and Mrs Sigamonee  went to the field to play softball.

First Mrs Sigamoney got us in to two teams.After she finshed puting us in to two groups my group and I were bating.Then we swaped over  until we had to go back to class.

I felt happy because we learned how to play softball.

Trip to the mussem

On Monday 28 of  July rooms 10,9.8.7 went on a trip on a green bus and it was loud.and we went to the Auckland Museum to learn about volcanoes and how they erupt the museum is next to a volcano and the volcanoes name is Pukekawa and it is 150’000 when we went inside we met the guide and his name is josh he showed us to the volcano room on the top of the stairs we went inside and we went to sit down then he showed us a movie and it was about volcanos and after we had to do a pack up like pack lots of stuff like first aid kit and a small stove and other things.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Planet Earth

Planet Earth is one of the planets in the  solar system.It has human beings,living things and non-living things.If you zoom into
planet Earth you will see many things,like animals and human beings.
But in Earth there’s some obstacles you may need to overcome,like
dangerous animals and of course robbers.

But the one thing you need to worry about is “dying.”Dying is common
in planet Earth but you have to find a way to prevent and avoid it like
if a robber comes to you and attacks you,you need defend yourself or you will die.

But in planet Earth it has a lot of countries and 4 continents and it also has different people from different countries who have their own beliefs,foods,religions and cultures.Planet Earth has different
kind of trees,food and many animal and human species.

In planet Earth there are rocket ships,space ships and a lot of technology which is taking the Earth on a journey and changing it.
The things that damage it are earthquakes,tornados,famines,
sand storms and typhoons and more disasters that damage it
but human beings prevent that.

Some countries like Russia cause a lot of problems to Ukraine
a lot of times by calling Ukraines for a war but Ukraines do nothing
even to call their friendly countries like Germany and France and Italy.The problems in the Earth are polluting the sea and land by
throwing garbage in the sea and land.The End

Friday, 22 August 2014

SJ 2004 P 2 N 4
WALT - feel empathy for the characters

Response activities
Spelling words for each day
Response activity 1. Learn

What is special about the 26th of December?They played with their christmas toys

Is this time a happy time for people?No

What happened in Iran on 26 December 2004?The ground shock and the houses full down.   

Why was it easy for the buildings to fall down?Because there houses were made out of mud and bricks or wood.

What happened to the people as the buildings fell down?The people got buried under.

Why did the work get harder for the rescuers as the days went on?Because people they could not find some people

Why was there a shout of happiness every time someone was found alive?Because it was there family

How many people died in this natural disaster? 30,000 people

At the time of this natural disaster, what was the weather like in Iran?Winter What was the weather like in Auckland at this time?Summer

Spelling words
Response activity 2. Learn

Read page 24 and 25.
What happened to this little girl’s family?Her family died.    
How do you think she feels?Very sad

How did this natural disaster change her life?By destroying her house and killed her dad and older brother.

What is the little girl’s name?Ellenna Kamali

What is her mother’s name?Amir
Spelling words
Response activity 3. Create
Read page 27 about Amir Hossein story.

In your own words pretend you are a news reporter and write a news article telling the readers about Amir’s story when the earthquake happened?

I am here live in Tehran capital of Iran.

Amir’s family were playing outside when the ground started shaking. Houses started to fall and people are buried inside the houses.

On the other side of town. Ellenna was having dinner with her family when the earthquake started. She escaped with her mum and little brother but her father and older brother died.

There is a lot of sadness here. Families are left with nothing.
Spelling words
Response activity 4. Share

Share your news article on your blog after you have checked it with your peer and teacher.I like this story because we can learn more about earthquakes and what you can do when a earthquake happened.
Spelling words

Friday, 8 August 2014

Hello! I’m Alfred and I’m going to tell you about the special event that occurred this morning at our school, Glenbrae Primary in Glen Innes.  

When I first arrived at school, there was a sausage sizzle and keri drinks

Once we finished we went to where the pool is and the Len brown digged a hole in the ground

After the powhiri we went back to class and there was another surprise.  

Friday, 1 August 2014

SJ 2006 P 2 N 2
WALT - collect information from the text

Response activities
Spelling words for each day
Response activity 1. Background information.

What is the name of the island?White island

What type of island is it?Volcano island

Who bought the island and what year?Anna's Family

What is the name of the little girl in the story?Anne How is she connected to the island?Her grandfather

What is the name of the boat they use to travel to the island?Snark

What safety gear do they wear when they go to the island?They wear hard hats and marks
Spelling words
Response activity 2. Learn

What information in this text is the same as the information we learnt at the museum trip?Volcanoes

Why do the people wear face masks?Because they might birth in bad stuff

Why would you need to wear solid shoes?So you don't get burnt.

What would the island smell like?Smoke
Spelling words
Response activity 3. Critical thinking
Why do people travel to view this island?Because they want to see it like get ready to explode  

Why would scientists be interested in researching the island?Because they want to learn how it get hotter and hotter

Is the island an active volcano?Yes

What would you do if the volcano erupted and you were standing on it?I would die on it because it is too late to get off the island

What looks like cauliflower in the text?Fumaroles

Why is it dangerous to swim in the water?Because the magma may be riseing under the water
Spelling words
Response activity 4. Share

Draw or take a photo of Whakaari. Write facts about the island on the image.This island is a volcano island that can erupt

Spelling words


Thursday, 24 July 2014

About Me

Hi my name is Alfred and I am a student of Glenbrae school let me tell you about my
The stuff I like.
I like to do stuff in the weekend like playing out side and going out to the movies sometimes on Saturday I like going to my rugby game sometimes it is an away game but sometimes we stay at our club to play and last Saturday we lost our game.

What I like.
I like going to school everyday and after, I like going outside.
What is my favourite.
My favourite thing is my family and I am a half Samoan and my favourite food is pizza and chop suey and rice.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

alfreds hoilyday

 In the holiday I went to my little cousin named ronnie and he had a birthday at the chipmunks he had his 3th birth they and we had a lot of fun it was on the 5 of june and we ate cake and it had his picture on it after we went back to play on the park that is in the house after we went to his house and we salpeted then it was night on we went back to our house and we went to sleep.  

Friday, 9 May 2014


 ON Thursday 8 of may 2014 Room7 students went to Room1 to learn about their presentation and when we got there we went inside and sat on the ground and the presenters were Wiliami,Anita,Richie and Mrs Greenham she was taking then after she finished then we got a sheet and a pencil so we can right stuff.

When the bell rang and we went to room 4 and we went  sat on the ground and the presenter was Mele and she had a good presentation because she was the only one that was presenting so when the bell rang again and we went to room 5 and that one was the best one because they had lollies and activity and we got to do it then a the bell rand again.And we went to room 10 we went and sat on the chairs and the presenters were Anthony,Ilalio,Siosefa,Eseki there had a bad presentation.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A tiger.

A tiger is a member of a cat.

A tiger has orange fur and black stripes. It has four legs and very sharp teeth. It has whiskers because it belongs to the cat family.

A tiger can be born in china,russia.

A tiger can ran very fast and it is got big ears so they can hear very far.