Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Science Intensive

Yesterday our class split into two groups for our first day of science, What we did were doing was finding out what was a solid, liquid and gas, also we had to find out what was the meaning of atoms, acids and bases. It was so cool when we did the experiments and I learnt a lot of cool things even though I did them already.
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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Culture Festival

Screenshot 2016-08-28 at 22.24.04.pngLast night was so exciting and very energetic because at school we had this year's Culture Festival. To start off our host for tonight Mele and Levi R had asked Mrs Elia to address the festival, so after Levi R had asked the first group which was the mighty Kapa haka group to start there item.

Secondly was the hula group the hula group were very fun and very cool they had lots of cool moves that they did it also took them a lot of time to learn it but it really paid off.
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After they finished they went to sit back down on the floor the wait and to watch the next item. The next performance was by room 5, room 5 had a wonderful song.

Soon after they had finished they headed back down to the floor for the next item which was by Room 1 and there drumming group which were very fantastic at the drumming but not that much students turned up which was such a shame.

Next up we had the Tongan group performing two items that were very exciting and fun to watch even though it takes a lot of time to learn it, after they got a lot of money but had to put it in the basket for the fundraiser.


At the end of the night everyone left the hall all proud of the kids and very happy after that. I felt very happy because everyone and I were not scared of the people in front of us on that night and my favourite part is the part that the boys in my class did the right thing by coming back to join us for the class Haka. #Culture Festival

Fridays Tech

On Friday my class and half of the other class went for our thing which is called Technology for the year 7s and 8s in our school. So as we were there we found out that it was our last time with Matua Dunn also known as Brent Dunn. We worked in the Marae at Tamaki College.

For our last lesson all we did was listen to music and sketching three Maori parts of the Marae called The heke, koruru and the Maihi for 2 periods then it was time to pack up all the equipment in the Marae which are the the pens, chairs, tables, colour pens and finally the papers that we used.

Finally we headed back to school with the rest of the year 7s and 8s in the school.Image result for marae parts

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Today we had Haka practice because next Thursday is our cultural festival where all the classes have come up with an item and what we are doing is three hakas. What we did first was practice a Maori Haka then later moved on to the Samoan haka which is called Toa Samoa haka. Later after we did the long practise we headed up to class.

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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Emperor of Peka Peka Beach

In the beginning of the story a penguin was washed up on to Peka Peka beach. He was found by the animal vet who had taken him to an animal hospital. They had found 3 kilograms of sand and sticks inside the penguins stomach.

I'm feeling happy because happy feet recovered from swallowing 3 kilograms of sand and sticks. When I started to read this book I thought that the penguin might not survive but after 2 months of his recover he was fine and was sent back.


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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Maths session with 3D shapes

Today we had another maths session with my favorite teacher Miss Stone. What we did was that we each had a paper with a 3D shape on it, a scissor and a glue stick.

Next we cut the shape out then we put it together using the glue stick, later on after we did that we had to find out the volume of the shape.

After that I felt happy and excited. :)

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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Movie night:The legend of Tarzan

On Friday evening half my family and I grabbed our laptop to search a movie to watch because it was very boring that night. So what we did was connected it to the T.V, secondly we found a site that we could watch movies on, thirdly we founded a movie which was called The legend of Tarzan.

The Legend of Tarzan is one of the best movies that I've ever seen but i hate to be a spoiler so I will just say what I felt about the movie. I felt very happy and emotional on some parts of the movie and I also loved every single part of it.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Kiwi Can session

Today my class and I went to kiwi can for another lesson. When we got there we had to sit in lines instead of a big circle. When we were in lines our Teacher Mr Afutoto said Kia Orana.

After that we had our energiser and it was called team limbo and we had 4 teams and the goal that we had to reach was to get as much people under the pole so that we could get more and more points the people in my team were Fusi, Mele, Maara, Moses and Levi.

Next, we went back to the mat to have a short talk about Goal settings then we had an activity and the activity about goal setting, we had a piece of paper we questions about one goal you want to achieve and our goal was to be a famous comedy actor .

After that we had a short GKQ then it was time to leave.

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Volleyball Session

Today we went to the courts for another session of volley ball. The skills that we learnt was a dig, set and a spike and the question that she asked was which one is much more important and the answer was all of them.

We started of by having a partner and the partner had to go to the other side of the net then we had to lob the ball over to him/her then he had to do a dig right in front of him/her then he had to catch the ball.

The second thing we did was that we had a competition for lollies, so what we did was that we had to serve the ball to the other person at the other side of the net where he was standing and the team that won was Levi And I.

The last thing we did was to have volleyball games and there were six teams, numbers 1, 2, 3,  4, 5 and 6. So My team (2) were first up against team 1 and they won their first game. Next we were up against team 4 and also lost that game. Finallly we were up against team 6 and finally we won.

I felt very happy at the end of our session and so was my whole class.


Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The Haunting

Book Review of (The Haunting) by (Margaret Mahy).
This book is about a little boy name Barney who sees ghost everyday of his life and it is also a Horror book. Its also a very spooky story to tell people who are interested in spooky books. My Favourite part of the story is when he found out that he was died and that he was named after his great uncle Barnaby. What I disliked about the story was that Barnaby knew that his friends were real. Its very fun and scary and also very exciting.

I would tell them that it is very scary and that you probably don't want to read it at night because you might have bad dreams.

I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 because it is interesting for some people to read if they like it.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Kiwi Can

Today my class and I went to kiwi can for another lesson. When we got there we had to sit in lines instead of a big circle. When we were in lines our Teacher Mr Afutoto introduced himself.

After that we had our energiser and it was Rock, Paper and Scissor. So the game was that we had a peg then we ran around challenging people for their peg. After the game the winner was Mele.

Next, we went back to the mat to have a short talk about Goal settings then we moved on to GKQ.  After two rounds of GKQ we had to go back to class.  It was very fun and it would be very cool next week to.Image result for kiwi can

Volleyball Session

Today My Today Room 7 students got the opportunity to go to the courts of our school to learn the skills and  a lady and her name was coach Antonia but she said the we could call her Tony. So we got there and she introduced herself and said welcome to your first Volley ball session.

Later on, after she finished introducing herself she told us the first step.So then our first step was to dig.Dig is when you put your hands together and then you put both thumbs on it.So what we did was have a partner, then we moved opposite sides of the net.After we were in possesion we had a ball and had to hit to each other a couple of times.Then our next step was set and for this step we needed to spread out our hands and hit it up.For our last step was spiking and we had to run foward starting with our left foot and then right foot then jump high in the air and spike.

Finally we had a game of Volleyball which their was team 1,2,3,4 and Team 4 vs Team 2 and Team 3 vs team 1.After that team 3&4 won their game.

I felt glad because their was just heaps of fun.