Thursday, 30 October 2014

In the weekend it was Labour weekend so on Friday after school we stayed at home and we cleaned our house then at night our cousin came to our house and we watched a movie called Hercules and it was a funny movie then we watched a movie called Escape plan and it was a nice movie because they like going to jail but they can escape so easy.

On Saturday in the morning, we went to our church and we cleaned up the church with other people from our church and we used a vacuum,sprays,machetes to cut the long grass next to the church then when we finished our bishop called a truck and the truck had a big rubbish collector and we put all the long grass in to it.It went and took it to the place where they put all the grass.

On Sunday in the morning we woke up and we got ready for church. We wear black pants for the men and the boys and we were a white long sleeved shirt and we were black shoes but for the girl the could wear anything.When we went in to the church we went and we sat on a long chair the the bishop went up and he talked to us in Samoan language then when we finished we went to our classrooms and my teacher’s name is Sister Fatupaito and she teaches us every Sunday and her husband is the bishop.

On Monday in the morning and we got ready to go to the beach and also we went fishing. When we got in the car we were very happy because this was our first time going fishing and when we got there we saw our cousin and they were the ones who brought the fishing lines but we had to wait because my dad went to get some bait then when he came back we went to where people were fishing the we set up the fishing lines and we but on the bait then my dad throw the line and then we waited until we caught a fish but we court nothing so we went back because the tide was going out so we went to get lunch then we went home but is was very nice going to the beach.