Friday, 27 February 2015


In the holiday we went to this place called Jump with my family in a four seater car because it was my cousin's birthday and his name is Alex and his is turning thirteen
years of age.

When we got to Jump we waited in the car for them to arrive,then we went inside because it was to hot the car. Next we went to the lady and we said that we are here for a birthday then she said for Alex then we said yes, after that she gave us a pair of purple socks and it had the word jump on it.

Then we went to the back so we can play but she said that we only have one hour to play so when we went to the back we saw lots of trampolines so we can bounce one to another.

Next we went to the trampolines and started to bouncing on them and then my cousin came and he brought his friend and his name was John he was also 13 years of age, then they came and started to play on the trampolines then it was time up.

Finally when we were about to go we had a ice cream and I picked Hokey poky because it is my favourite one.I felt so happy because it was my first time at jump and it was the best one that I went to.

At there house it was so hot so then his Mum (Jamie) said if we wanted to go to the pool but Alex said no because he didn't want to. So we had a water fight instead and it was so cool because we played with balloons. After that we went and had a shower because we might get sick.

Monday, 23 February 2015

The Digestive System


The Digestive System

1.The Digestive system is one of the systems in your body, and it has large intestine,small intestine,mouth,stomach,liver,gallbladder,appendix,
pancreas,anus,pharynx,epiglottis,esophagus. When you eat you swallow your food,then all these parts will start to crush your food and turn it into saliva. Then they turn it into acid, then the acid goes down to your stomach then it stays there but the acid does not make a hole in your body because when it reaches your stomach it has a special layer that keeps and regrowing and then that is the acid stays in your stomach.

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Monday, 16 February 2015

Water fun day

On Monday the 9th of February Glenbrae school 2015 we had a special event and it was called the water fun day and at the water fun day we do lots of fun activities to do and the activities were called Walk the plank,The slide,The three legged race,over and under and races.The Teachers that were helping to set the activities up were Mr Nath ,Mrs Parker,Mrs Tofa,Miss Maruariki,Mrs D,Mrs Ripata,Mrs Kumar,Miss Raj Mrs Elia.

Then when we had to go back to class we had to get change in to our swimming clothes then we had to line up outside then we had to walk to our court then we sat down on the court then the teacher told us where to go but we had to go in our classes our class went to the three legged race but when we got there it was a different activate we had two cups so we had to go in two peers then we had to take the to cups and go to the bukut and pick up water from the bukut the we had to walk\run to our house coloured bin then we had to run back then the next had to go the way routed to all the other activities.

When we finished we came back to the court and sit down then Mrs Tofa said if we had fun and lots of us said yes then she told us how was the winning house for this year and it was a tie between Rata and Kauri then we clapped and said yeah then we went back to class to get changed back into our school uniform and we had morning tea.

The Eruption

Rawiri was very very tired because he didn't get that much sleep because those big trucks had very bright lights he couldn't sleep and mum didn't get that much sleep because dad was so angry because those workers on the road were to noisey.

Then in the morning when they were eating breakfast they felt an earthquake then a hole popped up out of the ground then there heard that it was a Eruption then there got scared so they ran around the house but then the worker from outside came inside the house and said "are you ok" and he said we made a hole in your backyard then they started laughing.

Then the worker said "do we want a pool" then they said yes so they felt so happy because they were getting a new pool and they were so lucky that it wasn't an eruption.