Thursday, 24 July 2014

About Me

Hi my name is Alfred and I am a student of Glenbrae school let me tell you about my
The stuff I like.
I like to do stuff in the weekend like playing out side and going out to the movies sometimes on Saturday I like going to my rugby game sometimes it is an away game but sometimes we stay at our club to play and last Saturday we lost our game.

What I like.
I like going to school everyday and after, I like going outside.
What is my favourite.
My favourite thing is my family and I am a half Samoan and my favourite food is pizza and chop suey and rice.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

alfreds hoilyday

 In the holiday I went to my little cousin named ronnie and he had a birthday at the chipmunks he had his 3th birth they and we had a lot of fun it was on the 5 of june and we ate cake and it had his picture on it after we went back to play on the park that is in the house after we went to his house and we salpeted then it was night on we went back to our house and we went to sleep.