Monday, 8 May 2017

Netball P.E

Today my class and I went down to our school courts to play a game of Netball we played three rounds, for those rounds my team were the light blue team and we played against the dark blue team.

First, we stretched in a big circle then we went through the rules of a netball game. There can only be seven people on the court at all times.

Next, we started a game of netball the shooters in my were Loto and Danny, they were very good at shooting and we were very good at getting the ball down to them so they can get points for the team.

After our first round, we went over to the next court for some drills with Miss Ogram our new student teacher, we did a drill that involves passing and pivoting. Next, we moved on to our second round.

For the second round, my position was W.D meaning Wing Defence. We played until Mrs Tofa told us to stop because it was game over, we won and moved on to the next court.

For the next court, we played a rock, paper, scissors game where you have to teams on each side of the court then one person from each time run to the middle and play rock, paper, scissors, the loser goes back to their team and the winner keeps running until they get to the losers side of the court then they win.

After that game had to come back in a group to the first court to close up and talk about what we learnt.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

English Mastiff Dog Profile

English Mastiff Dog
Height for Female: 70 - 91 cm
Height for Male: 70 - 91 cm
Wight for female: 54 - 77 KG
Wight for Male: 73 - 100Kg
Life spam: 10 - 12 years
Colours: Brindle, Fawn and Apricot
Origin: England
Temperament: Affectionate, Courageous, Protective, Good-natured, Dignifie, Calm

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  • Mastiff is known to be the strongest dog in the world also known as a dog breed

Holiday recount

In the first week of the holiday was really fun because on the first week my parents went away for a five day holiday in Samoa and we got to stay with my aunt and her kids. During those five days, we had the coolest days ever because every day there was something new to do. On one of those days, we went to watch a fan favourite movie. The fate of the furious (Beware spoiler alert). The Fate of the Furious is about a man named Vin Diesel who turns on his family to save his x wife and son.

On Easter Sunday I went with my aunt and uncle to the Airport to drop off my Nana, Cousin and my Brother because they were going to Christchurch to see my Dads Brothers Family and they would be arriving back in Auckland the following week.

The next morning my aunt we to go pick up my Mum and Dad from the airport after arriving back from Samoa. When they got back to our house there they said they have gifts for all the youngsters. I received a black and Grey Samoan Tee Shirt.

One week later my family and my aunt's family were lucky enough to go to rainbows end. The first ride that my Cousins and I went on were the Family Karts. Next, we went to the scorpion Karts. Later we went on a ride described as Space Invaders it was very fun until we started to get dizzy. When it was almost time to close we went on our last ride and it was in the cinema.

The next day I went to paintball with my church. It was very entertaining but painful. We played in two maps the first one was the pyramid CTF (Capture the flag) where two teams play and strive to make their approach down toward the centre where inside lays the flag which one of the teams have to take to the opposite side. Next, we moved to another map called resident evil. For this map, we needed two teams one team a zombie team with shields to make it difficult for the survivors which were the team that I was in. After that, we went back to base for a little snack before went back home.

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