Thursday, 30 June 2016

Musical Cake tins

It easy to make and tune a simple stringed instrument- and write your own music to play on it.
You will need:

  • a square or rectangular metal cake tin
  • 5 rubber bands that will stretch lengthwise around the cake tin
  • A piece of thick cardboard, big enough to overlap one end of the cake tin
  • 5 soft drink caps or small pebbles.

The thing that we did was:
  1. we made it then we tested it by flicking the strings then we made sounds with it.
  2. Then we tried to make a song

It was really cool and fun to learn all of it and I learnt a lot of new things.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Maths Session reflection

Today we had observations and we had a decimal problem it was really fun and awesome. I learnt that decimals and fractions are the same.

Shine a light

Today our school went to the hall because we had a show about music, books and your imagination. Room 7 and Room 8 was sitting on the chairs on each side of the hall. The rest of the school was sitting down around the people that were doing the show. There show was really cool and their name of the show was called Shine A Light. There act was about books and imagination. the show was also lots of adventure.

People from other schools said that it was the best they seen but to be honest it was kinda wired and cool at the same time. One of the books they talked about was called first to the top and it was my favourite.

I really like the way that they performed I felt really happy and excited I really hope that they come back again.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Reflection on our trip to see a Symphony orchestra

This Term in Glenbrae school our classes have been learning about Music so today on the 27th of June some of our classes from Glenbrae School had went by bus to the Manukau Events centre. When we got there we went inside as fast as possible then we sat on the ground for about 4 minutes. After that we went into the theater to met new zealand's Symphony orchestra they play a lot of instruments.

So what happened was that we saw a guy named Chris which is the story teller he tells a story about Tane Mahuta the god and the protector of the forest, as he was telling the story the orchestra was playing to the story.

Next the Orchestra played all their instruments and Chris introduced them and their instruments. After that they all played a song or a tune I didn't really get what they were playing but it was fun anyways.

I felt very happy that we went there even tho it was kinda boring but it was a great experience and I hope we go back there in the future.

Image result for symphony orchestra in manukau events centerImage result for symphony orchestra in manukau events center

Sunday, 26 June 2016

National Anthem

If you dont know what the National anthem is this is the lyrics



Summary of a female Russian named laika

Just to be advised the links will be in the text below.

Laika was a Soviet space dog who became one of the first animals in space, and the first animal to orbit the Earth. Laika, a stray dog from the streets of Moscow, was selected to be the occupant of the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik 2 that was launched into outer space on November 3, 1957. She also had a lot of training before she went on her mission.

This info is from this link below if you want more info on LaikaLaika (Soviet dog).jpg

Space dog

Space DogIn 1993 it was the first ever dog launch into space. It was at N.A.S.A Headquarters and a lot of dogs were waiting in line but they all knew that there would only be one to go. Then one dog stepped into the line he had good looking hair his name was Max he was big and tall and also was the president's famous dog.  Later on when it was his turn they scanned him and said “he's the perfect one he's gotta be” so they both agreed so they took him. Next they told him that he was going into space to look for signs of life so they took him to the suit up chamber where all the astronauts go to suit up there helmets looks like a round ball on their heads but it is very useful because it helps them to breath in space, and there cloths store the breathing capsule with emergency medic kit. Laika (Soviet dog).jpgLater on they took him to suit up but the bad thing was is that they never knew where they were taking him, but meanwhile they were taking him to the space shuttle where he was going to sit.A super successful moment later they sent Max into space it was a good time for america. As he was in space he realized that he was in a 0 gravity zone so he took of his seat belt and started to float.A few minutes later he went back to his seat and started to look outside of the shuttle but all he could see was stars and all the planets then all of a sudden he saw a pillar of light moving very fast going planet to planet until it suddenly went off. So he took a deep breath and moved to that location.
When he got there he saw nothing until something was moving really fast but he didn't hesitate and chased after him. Meanwhile on Earth people are trying to find out what he was chasing until they found out that he was from the Red planet which is also called Mars, they also realized that the alien was heading straight to it as in louring the space shuttle right to them so they sent the message to Max.Max got the message and backed off and went far away until they told Max to come back because now we know that they are aliens we must prepare for the worst. He went back and got a badge of bravery and courage and lastly he got a lot of “dog food”.
If you are wondering who is that dog she was the first ever animal to orbit the planet and if you want to know more click on the link below.:Laika The first russian dog to orbit the planet

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Maths Measurement Map

Yesterday, we were learning about Temperature for Maths. We had to find some clues of the temperature of each Suburb in New Zealand, and produce it as a Weather Forecast. Now each group presented their Weather Forecast in front of the class. Each group has a video of their Weather presentation.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Use a Balloon to Amplify Sound

Use a Balloon to Amplify Sound
Small sounds can still make a big noise when you use a good sound conductor. Experiment with a balloon, compressed air and your own ears to find out how it works and the science behind it.

What you'll need:
  • Balloon
  1. Blow up the balloon.
  2. Hold the balloon close to your ear while you tap lightly on the other side.
What's happening?
Despite you only tapping lightly on the balloon your ears can hear the noise loudly. When you blew up the balloon you forced the air molecules inside the balloon closer to each other. Because the air molecules inside the balloon are closer together, they become a better conductor of sound waves than the ordinary air around you.

Today we did an experiment on a balloon and we blowed it up then we put it on people's ears then we taped it on the other side then tried to make a beat.

I was very fun because we learnt lots of new things.

Image result for balloons

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Aoetea Centre

On Monday two classes from Glenbrae were on there way to Auckland Live. When we got there our ushers took in to a great big hall and that's where we had our first session. Our first session was very exciting and kinda new for me because it was about dancing and a lot of fresh skills to learn and because I was not into dancing.
Later on after that session finished we went and had breakfast out in the middle of aotea square. After our break we went to our next session and it was about two animals that were traveling from New Zealand to Alaska on there way they stop at Australia and met a jumpless kangaroo which was also Maori so they told the kangaroo if you have seen their friend the taniwha but he said first i've lost my talent of jumping and could you help me get it back. So they helped him two of them shouted out E Peke(Means Jump) then he tried out it couldn't work so they got us to stand up and then we all said it in a loud voice then the Kangaroo started jumping very high so he pointed the way to china but we finished there because they were still making the end up. File_000.jpeg
Later on it was lunch time so we went and got our lunches and sat down where we were and ate.
While we were eating we played bull rush and it was cool and fun because we played with another school, it was very packed as we were playing so we played another game called cats and rats but we couldn't play because there wasn't that much time left and we had to take our bags so we took them and then lined up outside.
After Lunch it was our last session and it was called Matamata 2.0 it was also about Interactive Art and Dance first we were showin a screen that had an Xbox connect in front so we got split into two groups and one went with the dance person. Then the rest went with the person that was running Matamata 2.0 the thing that we were  meant to do was look at the screen and copy the person that was dancing. After 20 minutes we swapped over and for the next group we had to come up with something about a sport that  you liked then after we all perform it we played a game to wait for the other group.

I felt very happy because I learnt lots of new things and I hope that we will go back there some day.File_002.jpeg

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Our School Inquiry Presentation

Today Our School had our 2016th Inquiry Presentation there were lots of classes with a lot of cool activity's to learn from and the best thing was is that we get lollies from some activity's. What I learnt was that Chris brown is and will always be inspiring.

Here are some pictures from Room 7 presentation.



Thursday, 2 June 2016

Moana's Watch

Today we finished a very cool maths problem about time.
Are Walt Is  We are learning to convert and subtract seconds and minutes.

Here It is:

 Moana’s Watch
Moana set her digital watch at 13:00:00 on the last day of April. Unfortunately the watch loses 11 seconds a day. What is the time on Moana’s watch when it is 13:00:00 on the last day of May?
341 seconds loses seconds lost 12:54:19

What if the watch lost 11 seconds an hour. What would the time read on Moana's watch? 11:27:33. 8184 seconds to hours