Friday, 23 October 2015

Nelson Mandela Questions

1. When was Nelson Mandela born? Nelson Mandela was born July 18 1918

2. Where was Nelson Mandela born? Nelson Mandela was born in the East Coast of Africa in Mvezo.  

3.  Name the organisation he stated as a young adult?  He became an activist with the African National Congress

4. When did Nelson Mandela lead the Defiance campaign? He led the Defiance Campaign in 1952.  

5. When was Nelson Mandela arrested and put in jail. He was arrested at 7 November 1962

6. Where was the jail? Robben Island.

7. How long was Nelson Mandela in prison for? He was in prison for 27 years.

8.  What was Nelson Mandela awarded with ?  Nelson Mandela received more than 260 awards over 40 years and became president of south africa .

9. What was that award for? Nelson Mandela’s award was the first President of South Africa.  

10.  When did Nelson Mandela step down as the president of South Africa?Nelson Mandela stepped down as president in May 10 1999.

Junior Warriors

In Week 10 of Term 3, after morning tea the year 6, 7 and 8s had a rugby league final. We had teams that were competing in the finials and they were The Jr Warriors, Warriors, Crazy Horses, New South Wales, East Side 79 and Queensland.

First, it was the year six's and the Jr warriors were playing against the Warriors and I was playing in the Warriors.  So the game began and the Warriors were kicking off first in the first half, the Warriors scored 2 tries and the Jr Warriors scored nothing. Next in the second half the final score was 4 to 0 and so the Warriors won.

Then, its was the year 8s next and the teams that were playing were East Side 79 against Queensland. The final score after the second half was 6 to 0, it was a very good win to Eastside 79 but a bad lost to Queensland.

Next, after the year year 8s had their game it was time for the year 7s to play their final game and the teams that were playing were The Crazy Horses against New South Wales. At the end of the game, the final scores were 6 to 1, so New South had won the finals for the year 7s and I'm sure that they were very happy.

Finally,when all the games had finished all the teams that participated all went down to the hall to have prize giving, we all went in and sat down then the three members from the former Jr Warriors team came with three boxes of prizes, then they asked the best boy and girl from each team that did very well in the game to come and received their prizes and the prizes were a Jr warriors signed rugby ball, Jr warriors boot bag and a Warriors water bottle.

Later on we were asked by room 10 that they wanted to share their BBQ, drinks and chips. We all had a great game and a wonderful experience.

Nelson Mandela/Story review

In 1918 July 18, a beautiful man was born in the Eastern Coast of Africa in Mvezo, when Nelson was nine his father died & he was raised by royalty. After, he was the first member in his family that had attended school. Later on in life he became an Activist with the African National Congress. Knowing that he had the power of the young ones, he had made a African National Congress Youth League.

Later on he started the African National Congress Youth League. Mandela began actively participating in politics in his thirties, when he led the Defiance Campaign in 1952 and the 1955 Congress of the People.

His campaigning soon hit a brickwall in 1956, when he was charged with high treason against the government along with 155 other activists.

Later on Apartheid was getting stronger and new laws were passed which told the blacks where to work and live. But Mandela tried to fight back, coordinating sabotage campaign.