Monday, 24 August 2015

The Worst Accident Ever

The  Worst Accident Ever

On a very lovely day my friend and I decided to go skateboarding so when we got to the skate park we did lots of cool tricks. Then my friend tried to do a dangerous skateboard trick so he went to the highest ramp and he skated of the ramp and he did a back flip. Then all of a sudden he didn't go all the way around and when he touched the ground he landed on his head.

Then I went to him and he was bleeding from his head so I called the ambulance and what I thought is that it was the  worst accident ever. So when the ambulance got to the skate park they came out and they got him up and took him into the ambulance.

When my friend was at the hospital the doctors said that he’s gonna have surgery .Then the doctors called his parents that he was in the hospital.The parents were worried about their son.When my friend had finished his surgery then he had to stay back in the hospital until 3 weeks.

My friend felt worried because of what had happened and it was called the Worst Accident Ever.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Junior Warriors

On Thursday room 9 and part of room 10 went up to the play field and there were 5 teams.One group was named Junior Warriors,Warriors,Rabbitohs,Broncos and Bulldogs.

First it was Broncos vs Bulldogs and I was in Broncos and the points were 1 all but the ref said that the Broncos won because we got the first try and it was a close game.

Then the next battle was Rabbitohs vs Warriors and the Warriors had 5 and the Rabbitohs had 3 and it was a tough game because both teams had strong people but there were fast people in both teams.

Meanwhile it was the semi finals and it was Broncos vs the Bulldogs and the point was 3 to 1. Broncos had 1 and Bulldogs had 3.Bulldogs were hard and they scored heaps of tries and I played in the Broncos.

Finally it was the finals and it was going to be a good game because both teams were strong teams. Then they played Junior Warriors vs the Bulldogs but the team that won was Junior Warriors 5 to 0 so the Junior Warriors are the champions.