Thursday, 2 November 2017

What is Kelly Tarltons underwater world?

What is Kelly Tarltons underwater world?

Kelly Tarltons is a huge underground Aquarium that was named after a man named Kelly Tarlton. Kelly was an underwater explorer that had found interesting things such as sea life, coral reefs and even dangerous sharks.

Kelly tarltons had a dream to build an underground Aquarium to show the people of New Zealand and the world what he had discovered in the water and so he did. It was built in 1985 and was first opened later that year. It was built close to Okahu Bay and there he found and brought in helpless sea creatures.

The reason why Kelly and his team wanted to help sea creatures was because our beaches were so polluted and filled with rubbish. So he had to help them and in doing that he created a healthy environment where they can live in peace. When Kelly finished the underwater aquarium he filled each attraction with water and designed each fish tank to suit each Sea creatures habitat so that it will be suitable for the sea creatures.

Kelly also was very fascinated with sharks and therefore his team caught them and transported them in to Kelly Tarltons. There are four different types of sharks at Kelly Tarltons. The Sand Tiger Shark, The Broadnose Sevengill, School shark and the Wobbegong sharks. All of these sharks are harmless to other sea creatures.

Weeks later after the creation of Kelly Tarltons, sadly Kelly Tarlton past away. But he passed on a big gift to tourists and local people of NZ. He also gave his underwater aquarium to the people to learn about the creatures of the sea.

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Monday, 30 October 2017

Scott base

Scott Base is a New Zealand Antarctic research facility located at Pram Point on Ross Island near Mount Erebus in New Zealand's Ross Dependency territorial claim.

Scott Base is a New Zealand Antarctic research facility located at Pram Point on Ross Island near Mount Erebus in New Zealand's Ross Dependency territorial claim.

Scott Base – New Zealand's permanent station in Antarctica – was officially opened on January 20, 1957. It was originally designed for only a short life – as the Ross Island base for the British Trans-Antarctic Expedition.

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His set up his camp in Antarctica.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

My Future Career


A special place in our community.

What is a school? A school is a very special and important place for children aged 2 - 18, A school is where You and I can go to commence our adventure as School students, also school is a truly fun and safe place to create friendships among your fellow peers, also to have haystacks of fun.

School is very important to the community because schools are one of the building’s that form our community. Education is also key to why w0e go to school. School is very powerful even though people do not recognize it until perhaps they are a little bit older.

Why is it important to go to school? It is very important to go to school because we have to mentally and physically prepare for college, university and future occupations. Also on a non educated note, to make friends with others.

What to do during school? When we go to school we learn Maths, Reading, Writing, and Inquiry. We learn extra things each and every day. Just like every other school, we have Interval and Lunch, it is where we can have a rest and have something to refresh our body’s.

Subjects in school? We have so many subjects during school but the most significant of them all are English (Reading), Writing and Mathematics, these 3 subjects are really important for your future. We also have subjects such as History, Science, Art, Dance, P.E(Physical Education) and much more.

What is the importance of having a school in our community? It is very important to have a school in our community because we all have young children in our community that all require being educated to have a glorious future and to create a bond with other people. But the main reason is to prepare ourselves to find a wealthy Job to have a safe and wealthy family.

When do you finish school? For students that have approached the age of 17 or 18, you have completed your adventure and it is time to begin another adventure soon after that.
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This is a picture of my class (Room 7) 2017.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Duffy role model Niva Retimanu

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Today on the first day of the week the whole went down to the hall for a surprise visit from Duffy role model Niva retimanu.

After she introduced herself to us she read us a book "Kiss,"'kiss","Yuck, Yuck". It was a little kid could Andy and his Aunty that gave him lots of kisses and whenever she did that he said yuck.

Shortly, after that lovely book, we said our goodbyes and she went out of the hall and then we went back to class.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Trip to Rewa's Village

On Wednesday 23 August 2017 the year, 7&8 Students from Glenbrae School had the opportunity to visit the historical place up on a small hill in Kerikeri called Rewa’s Village. Rewa’s Village is set up to be like a Maori Village before the Europeans came to New Zealand

As we approached the front a man with a Taiaha came walking down the hill coming to greet us, he was our tour guide for the day. After he introduced himself we all walked up the hill together.

After walking up the hill we entered the visitor center we went into a small room full of chiefs from the past, one of the chiefs from the past was our tour guides great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather which was one of the chiefs of their village a long time ago.

Afterwards, we made our way to a view outside where we could see the river and then the tour guide explained to us the story of the river. He told us that one of the chiefs from another part of NZ came all the way to Kerikeri with his warriors to battle their tribe and they were not successful because their tribe's leader got drowned by   Ngāti Rēhia's chief at the time.
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Shortly after that story, we went took a short walk down a path to a place you will see in the picture above. So that's where we went and that's where he shared another historical story about his tribe and he was talking about the small house that was there in the right corner of the small land.
Then he explained to us what the small red house was on top of the pole was, he said it was a place to hide food or what they used it for was to hide jewelry and they put it on the long pole because it was out of from land animals and humans.

After that he allowed us to go three places, one was down a hill which leads to a place where a waka was, the next lead to the beach and the last lead to some houses.

Soon after our groups visited all the three places we came back to the same place and we sang a song to the tour guide then he said back to us as a thank you. Then we left the place back up to our vans and drove off.

On our way back to the campsite we stopped at McDonald's to buy some frozen coca - cola then we drove back to the campsite.

Friday, 11 August 2017

How to make French Toast

This is a Recipe on how to make French Toast.
  1. 12 Eggs
  2. ½ cup of Milk
  3. Cooking oil / Butter
  4. 2 pinches of salt
  5. 2 pinches of pepper
  6. A loaf of Bread

A big bowl
Something to whisk your eggs(Like a fork or a whisk)
Frying pan
Plastic plate or Paper Towel

  1. Add your 12 eggs into the bowl.
  2. Whisk your eggs well
  3. Add your ½ cup of milk into the bowl and keep whisk
  4. Add 2 pinches of of pepper and salt then finally finish it off by whisking it a bit longer.
  5. Heat up your frying pan and add the cooking oil or Butter.
  6. Add a loaf of bread into the eggs and cover the whole bread with egg.
  7. Put your slice of bread into the pan and wait for three minutes.
  8. After it is ready put it on your plastic plate or paper towel and wait untill it cools down.

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Tuesday morning Fitness

On this wet day, my class and I went out to have a 20-minute fitness and as usual, we gathered in a big circle to stretch soon after we played two games of bull rush. If you don't know what this game is then I will tell you.

Bull rush is where you have to run and try to get pass the taggers and if you do you advance to the next level. You just keep running till you get tagged and if you're the last one you win.

After our game, we went back to class to start our reading.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Monday morning fitness

Today on Monday morning my class and I went out for fitness and as usual our class gathered in a circle to stretch. After that, we had to decide what game we were going to play fitness and so I said Rugby Netball can our teacher said yes. If you don't know what rugby netball is then I got you covered.  What is rugby netball

We had two teams. One boy team and One girl team. So we played with excitement, the first point was awarded to the girls but it wasn't over.

We played on and the rest of the points were awarded to the boys because we are litFire on Apple iOS 10.3!!!!


Friday, 4 August 2017

Maths Lesson - Friday

Today at tech (Technology) we are learning how to make a toy or object and what building is a shipping boat, we have two more weeks in the class and I am almost finished. The Technology class that we are in is called wood carving with Mr Grundy. I learnt about lots of new tools and materials that we are using for the next two weeks.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Monday morning fitness

Today for fitness we had a reliever and her name was Mrs Grey. We went down to the courts to have fitness. First we gathered in a circle to stretch. Shortly after that we ran three times around the netball courts. Right after that we lined up into two lines, one boy and one girl line to play a game of relays.

The reason why we had a different fitness than usual was because we were preparing for our camp and by running around the netball courts causes us to be a little bit fitter for the long walks during camp.

Image result for fitnessAfter that we lined up and went back to class to start on our reading.

Science Intensive

Three states of matter

The Three states of matter are solid, liquid and gas.
After we learned about atoms and that they are the smallest things in the world and that they are everywhere. Also there are lots of kinds of atoms. We also learnt about the periodic table.

What causes earthquakes.

Under the earth is the earths crust and the tectonic plats the always move which cause everything above it which is where we live causes our buildings to shake and crumble.


We learnt insulation is very important because it keeps us healthy and warm during the winter and summer.

Science Intensive in room 10

Today my class and I went to room 10 for our last science Intensive for 2017. Our teacher for the day was Mr Nath and his topic was about Fire, Fire Safety and Fire Hazards. This is one of the things that we did in his class.

This is a poster that Loto and I created on google Drawings.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Science Intensive in Room 8

Today we have been learning about the three states of matter (solid, liquid and gas) and the changes of matter. In this experiment we first we had to put a baking paper under so we could start spilling chocolate.

This meant that the chocolate changed from a Liquid to a Solid. Then we waited until it was hard enough to eat.


Monday, 8 May 2017

Netball P.E

Today my class and I went down to our school courts to play a game of Netball we played three rounds, for those rounds my team were the light blue team and we played against the dark blue team.

First, we stretched in a big circle then we went through the rules of a netball game. There can only be seven people on the court at all times.

Next, we started a game of netball the shooters in my were Loto and Danny, they were very good at shooting and we were very good at getting the ball down to them so they can get points for the team.

After our first round, we went over to the next court for some drills with Miss Ogram our new student teacher, we did a drill that involves passing and pivoting. Next, we moved on to our second round.

For the second round, my position was W.D meaning Wing Defence. We played until Mrs Tofa told us to stop because it was game over, we won and moved on to the next court.

For the next court, we played a rock, paper, scissors game where you have to teams on each side of the court then one person from each time run to the middle and play rock, paper, scissors, the loser goes back to their team and the winner keeps running until they get to the losers side of the court then they win.

After that game had to come back in a group to the first court to close up and talk about what we learnt.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

English Mastiff Dog Profile

English Mastiff Dog
Height for Female: 70 - 91 cm
Height for Male: 70 - 91 cm
Wight for female: 54 - 77 KG
Wight for Male: 73 - 100Kg
Life spam: 10 - 12 years
Colours: Brindle, Fawn and Apricot
Origin: England
Temperament: Affectionate, Courageous, Protective, Good-natured, Dignifie, Calm

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  • Mastiff is known to be the strongest dog in the world also known as a dog breed

Holiday recount

In the first week of the holiday was really fun because on the first week my parents went away for a five day holiday in Samoa and we got to stay with my aunt and her kids. During those five days, we had the coolest days ever because every day there was something new to do. On one of those days, we went to watch a fan favourite movie. The fate of the furious (Beware spoiler alert). The Fate of the Furious is about a man named Vin Diesel who turns on his family to save his x wife and son.

On Easter Sunday I went with my aunt and uncle to the Airport to drop off my Nana, Cousin and my Brother because they were going to Christchurch to see my Dads Brothers Family and they would be arriving back in Auckland the following week.

The next morning my aunt we to go pick up my Mum and Dad from the airport after arriving back from Samoa. When they got back to our house there they said they have gifts for all the youngsters. I received a black and Grey Samoan Tee Shirt.

One week later my family and my aunt's family were lucky enough to go to rainbows end. The first ride that my Cousins and I went on were the Family Karts. Next, we went to the scorpion Karts. Later we went on a ride described as Space Invaders it was very fun until we started to get dizzy. When it was almost time to close we went on our last ride and it was in the cinema.

The next day I went to paintball with my church. It was very entertaining but painful. We played in two maps the first one was the pyramid CTF (Capture the flag) where two teams play and strive to make their approach down toward the centre where inside lays the flag which one of the teams have to take to the opposite side. Next, we moved to another map called resident evil. For this map, we needed two teams one team a zombie team with shields to make it difficult for the survivors which were the team that I was in. After that, we went back to base for a little snack before went back home.

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Naruto Uzumaki

Hello. Today I have read a online book and in this story there is a little Boy named Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto posses a very strong power called the power of a Jinjuriki and every Jinjuriki has a beast contained inside of them. Naruto's beast was a Fox named Kurama. Naruto hated this power because as he sees it as a power other people in his clan see him as threat to there clan and others.Image result for KuramaImage result for naruto uzumaki

Friday, 7 April 2017

Grace Joel retirement home

Today the senior school students had the opportunity to visit the Grace Joel retirement village to perform a very special item that represents our thanks towards them for their help during our morning breakfast hours. We came in cultural groups, first was the Maori group that performed a Haka and a Waiata. Next was the Tongan boys and girls dance that perform a Tongan slap dance and the girls did a Tongan dance.

After the Samoans did  Samoan as a slap dance. Soon after the cook Island girls perform their hula. After Arthur asked some questions about our dances then we had to go back to school to finish our day.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Glenbrae Kids Visit

On Tuesday the 28th of March my class and I got the opportunity to visit the Glenbrae kids. When we arrived at the site which was right next to our big school. We entered with Joy because of all the little children that we could hang out with. It was fun because I got to met some of my friends' cousins who are really good to me and funny at times.

I had two partners and they were all my friend's cousins, we did I lot of things like play in the sand pit, wheel swing, ride a bike and lastly paint. It was really fun but we had to leave so we did and it was said but fun at the same time.

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Monday, 20 March 2017

Week 7 problem solving - Alfred

Today we were given (Room 7) a maths problem to solve through out the weekend and today (Monday) we had to solve the problem with the class. I was given that task with another bunch of class mates. We had to show how we worked out the problem with a strategy. My strategy was .......... Shown bellow.

The Strategy that I used is called Doubling a number and halving another number. There is three answers to this Problem. Shown below

Shown in numbers and Words
1. 174 / 2 = 87 x 5 = 870
For the veggies I halved 174 that gave me 87, 87 x 5 = 870

Shown in numbers and Words
2. For the meat I halved  174 to make 87 then doubled 3 to make 6. 87 x 6 = 522.
174 / 2 = 87 3 x 2 = 6. 87 x 6 522

Shown in numbers and Words
3. For the fruit I doubled and halved 174 and 4 to 87 and 8 which = 696
174 / 2 = 87. 4 x 2 = 8. 87 x 8 = 696

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Maths Problem solving

Today on the (15, Mar, 2017) Our class have been working on a maths Problem for the past two days. My trio had the opportunity to solve the problem in front of the class the Answer is 174 here is the strategy.

9 x 5 = 45 then 9 x 5 = 45 then 9 x 6 = 54…. 45 + 45 + 54 = 144 + 16 = 160+14=174
9 Because there are 16 tables and 5 + 5 + 6 = 16 and I x it by 9 because 9 people on 1 out of 16 and it made it to 144 then added 16 to make 160 + the 14 Kaumatua makes 174.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Context brainstorm - Maze game about Sustainability

This is a  context Brainstorm about a maze game that I am going to make about Sustainability.

The brainstorm tells me what sustainability means. The Brainstorm also tells what I should include in my Maze Game.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Henry William Script

Henry William

Hi my name is Henry William (a missionary I was born on the 11th of February 1792. The reason why I had moved to NZ was because I was ordained a priest 'for the cure of souls in his majesty's foreign possessions' in 1822. I was given the treaty on the evening of the 4th of Feb. The treaty needed to be translated into Maori for the chiefs the next day

I knew the Maori language well, but I really wanted Maori to sign the treaty. I thought it would be best for Maori. Some of the challenges is that I wasn't allowed to translate it in dept to Maori, I didn't have enough time to translate the treaty of Waitangi, no Maori were allowed to be consulted on the wording and I had to use Maori words that made it sound really inspiring for Maori.

Fresh Water Quality and Availability

Reciprocal reading recording sheet / Freshwater quality and availability

Friday, 24 February 2017

Moana Presentation

I have been learning hot to code using Hour of code. The skills that I have learnt include using the Move Forward block, Repeat block and the fish block in the code game Moana.

I have shared my Moana presentation in my ePortfolio, to visually showcase my work.

I have also shared my Moana presentation in the year 8 class community, as rewindable learning recourse for others.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

My weekend

In the weekend, I thought that it was going to be boring but on Saturday my mindset changed from boring to happy. In the morning on that Saturday my Dad, my Brother and I went with a couple of Church friends to a lady’s house so that we could help her with her needs and that's what we call a service project.

She mostly needed help with everything that was outside, like mowing her back yard, cutting down vines by the side of her house and planting plants to make her house look a lot better. It was a lot of hard work but it was worth it just to be able to see a smile on her face.

After that, we slowly drove back to our church to have breakfast, it was quiet delicious. Soon after that breakfast we went outside for a long game of Basketball. It was down to the last few minutes of the game and it was a draw. My team mate dribbled the ball to the hoop and almost got blocked by the rival team He didn't succeed in blocking him, my teammate got a lay up and ended the game.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Technology ePortfolios

In Technology we will be trialling the use of ePortfolios. The ePortfolios will be used to visually showcase the work that we do in technology. We will use our ePortfolios in each technology subject. We will use our blogs to reflect on our learning. We will also use the year 8 DigiTech to blog to collaborate on different learning activities. These are the different ways which we will share what we learnt.