Thursday, 14 April 2016

My pepeha

Birthday Party (Narrative)

My family and I went past five houses looking for my cousin's house because it was his birthday and we brought him the coolest present ever. We got there and placed his present on the table then went to play with him around the house. Once we finished we came and ate, after we ate we went to blow his cake and sing him a happy birthday song. Later on he opened his presents and he thanked everyone that gave him a present.

Next all of us played musical chairs and if you don't know how to play then this is how. One person will play a song then,everyone walks around the chairs,when the music stops you have to sit down on a chair but if you are not sitting on one then you are out. So when we finished I was the winner but I never got anything.

Finally after the birthday was finished everyone got a part of the food to take home, then everyone departed in happiness.